Corylus Business Systems

Pragmatic and innovative systems management and development


You have found Corylus Business Systems (otherwise known as PJ Bryant)!

About Corylus

If you know me you will already know that I do not really "market" my business as such, but instead rely on word of mouth and referrals/recommendation from my clients.  So this web site is quite small and to the point J, but if you have misplaced my contact details click here

Corylus is based in East Anglia / East Midlands but covers the whole UK as necessary.

So what's special about Corylus?

  • Problem solving - even problems Microsoft PSS couldn't fix!
  • In the 80's it was called a hybrid manager.  Today it is a combination of a hard core technician, and an experienced IT and a business manager - all in 1!
  • Experience of a wide range of industries.
  • A focus on delivering effective, pragmatic and innovation solutions for my clients.

What does Corylus mean? 

The business property name is "The Hazels" and the botanists amongst you will recognise that Corylus is the Latin name for the Hazel tree.  The logo above is a hazel catkin!